Grantland “Outs” Inventor of Magical Putter

Grantland writer, Caleb Hannan, under heavy fire after his profile on Essay Anne Vanderbilt reached readers across the United States.


Hannan began research on Dr. V’s magical putter 8 months prior to publishing it on Grantland’s website. But the story that began as a simple evaluation of golf equipment, started to take an interesting turn when Hannan began to investigate further into the life of Dr. V herself.


Although upon contact, Dr. V made it abundantly clear that for Hannan to write an article about her putter, it must “focus on the science and not the scientist.” Amongst many glowing credentials, such as a graduate from MIT, Dr. V perplexingly, yet sternly, refused to answer questions about herself no matter how hard Hannan tried.

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